Disordered Eating on Campus

Data and Resources

University of Arizona Health and Wellness Survey 2023 Data

31% of Students Suffer from Disordered Eating

44% of Students Compare their Food/Body to Social Media

62% of Students Reported that Weight Affects the Way they feel about Themselves

On/Off Campus Resources

Eating Disorder Information

Learn more about general facts about eating disorders.  

Are you a parent concerned about your child's eating habits? Here is a helpful toolkit for parents.  

Do you have a friend or loved one you feel is struggling with food or body image? Here are some ideas for supporting a friend or loved one. 

Nutrition Counseling

Our registered dietitians provide counseling for a variety of nutrition-related concerns. Around 75% of the students we see show disordered eating/eating disorder behaviors. We can provide additional support for nutrition counseling. 

Virtual Eating Disorder Support Groups

Many eating disorder treatment centers offer free and virtual support groups. Here are a few: 


Campus Eating Disorder Awareness and Recovery Group. Free weekly drop-in space to discuss food and body image. More information about CEDAR. 


Bella Vita Tucson

A local organization that helps Tucson's adolescents and families with eating disorders process at no charge. Learn more about Bella Vita Tucson here