Body Positive Arizona

Enhancing Self Worth and Positive Body Image

Galaxia Mayagoitia


My name is Galaxia, I am pretty much a native Tucsonan as I've been here since I was 9 years old. This is my last semester in undergrad, making me an excited soon-to-be wildcat graduare. I study rehabilitation, nutrition, and Spanish, and my goals are to continue into a Masters program for adolescent counseling, emphasizing on body image and eating disorders. I know how hard it can be to love your body, as we've all grown up in a world where It's second nature to compare ourselves to others and pick apart things about ourselves we wish we could change. I'm in Body Smart because I want to raise awareness of the damage this body shaming sequence can have on our self esteem and our perception of our body. I want to encourage others to practice tools that can help us appreciate our bodies more, and learn to practice self compassion and self love.